Roamsafe RV Safety Door

What Are The Advantages of Roamsafe RV Safety Door?

  • clear-vision
    Clear, See through doors
  • air-flor
    Fantastic Air Flow & Circulation
  • energy-saver
    Energy saving by letting in natural light
  • uv-bloackage
    60% UV Blockage
  • custom-made
    All doors are custom made and fitted
  • protection

    Protection from flies and mosquitoes

  • apealing-design

    Appealing design

  • impact-resistant

    Impact resistant to breaks ins

  • no-bars

    Security with out bars

  • easy-exit

    Simple entry and exit

Measurement Video

Easy to follow instructions on how to take the correct measurements for your door.


Installation Video

Easy to follow instructions on how to DYI your door into place safely and securely.


RV Safety Door DIY - Installation

Designed for you to easily install your own Roamsafe RV Stainless Steel Safety Door

Full D.I.Y Instructions are included with the door or have the door installed by a dealer.

Please follow the measuring directions from ROAMSAFE BEFORE ordering your door, as USA doors have several versions with tiny measurement variations.


RV Safety Door DIY - Specifications

Roamsafe RV Motor Home Safety Door 

  •  Powder coated extruded heavy duty aluminium frame.
  • Roamsafe RV hinge door lock.
  • Custom designed rounded corners ensure a neat fit.
  • Spare parts are readily available.

Stainless Steel Mesh:

  • Heavy duty marine grade 316 stainless steel woven mesh, instead of fly screen mesh.
  • Powder coated black to make it even less visible.
  • Custom designed that ensures there is no electrolysis interaction between the the aluminium frame and stainless steel mesh.

RV Safety Door Pricing



Cost per door

Stainless steel mesh Safety Door


Installation at the factory (no freight)


Freight within Australia Business and freight depot


Home address with Insurance


                   How to order you new safety door.

  • We understand you may need to go and take measurements. For this reason, we have provided you with a downloadable PDF
  • You can print and take to your vehicle for the exact details and bring back to fill out your order form.
  • Once you have your measurements you can fill out the order form, choose a option for payment then we will get started on your order.

The ROAMSAFE RV Safety Door

The ROAMSAFE RV Safety Door has been developed to retro-fit to vehicles with an American type main door in motor homes and fifth wheelers.
Join the thousands of other motor home and RV owners who are taking advantage of this solid engineering technology to ensure your safety when travelling.